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Brand Personality | Serena Williams

Branding Strategy ; It’s All About Personality – Stupid!

Branding : In increasingly competitive markets, standing out from the crowd is not just a question of what you say but how you say it. It's about brand personality.
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Hull City brand naming

Brand Naming ; What’s in a brand name? It’s a Hullabaloo. #HCAFC

Brand naming: The proposed name change from Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers has caused one hell of a hullabaloo. What’s in brand name? #HCAFC
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Kulula airline nose cone

Brand Personality; – The Airline That Doesn’t Take Itself Seriously

Investing a Brand with Personality. – The Airline That Doesn’t Take Itself Seriously.
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Noddy in Toyland

TV Programme Development ; Creative or Marketing Driven?

TV Programme Development: Creative or Marketing Driven? Is creativity the be all and end all? Is research and marketing input an expensiv waste of time?
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Branding cattle - one of the first forms of branding

Nation Branding ; From Cows to Countries and Beyond

Branding started with cattle and now embraces products, services, businesses, personalities and countries. What's the next challenge - Planet Earth?
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Bubba Gump - Shrimp Co Logo

Brand Development; The Fishy Idea that turned into a Brand: Bubba Gump

This fishy idea is growing into an international brand though the power of story telling. The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is inspiration for marketers everywhere.
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National Geographic Store Regent Street London | Great Brand Experiences

Great Brand Experiences; National Geographic

The greatest brands have always been characterised by high awareness, a clear and distinctive image, an ability to evoke a strong rational and emotional bond with audiences, stretch into new markets as well as change with the times. National Geographic delivers a great brand experien
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