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Digital customer research survey

Traditional vs Digital Research Methods ; Does ‘New’ Mean Better?

The advent of digital media has inspired many new forms of consumer research, which businesses are embracing with a passion. Yet there are lots of myths, perceptions and misconceptions surrounding online research. So what are the facts and considerations that need to be taken when ch
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Noddy in Toyland

TV Programme Development ; Creative or Marketing Driven?

TV Programme Development: Creative or Marketing Driven? Is creativity the be all and end all? Is research and marketing input an expensiv waste of time?
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Qualitative vs. quantitative research pros and cons

Quantitative vs Qualitative Research; The Great Debate? The Result is In!

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research: The Great Debate? Consider the pros and cons and then you decide!
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Enemies of Innovation Beware!

Seven Enemies of Product Innovation; How to Spot and Slay Them

Seven Enemies of Innovation; How to Spot and Slay Them. Why do many products fail, and what can you do to ensure success?
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