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Popping the cork to celebrate marketing success

The Role of Marketing in Driving Business Success

What enables some businesses to weather the changing economic climate and the cold wind of market forces, while others wither? The most successful businesses grow income and budgets steadily, while the weakest are left with diminishing income and budgets or none at all. Read more ...
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Brian Cox - A Scientist in the Media; the marketing of science

The Marketing of Science

The popularisation of science owes much to Michael Faraday's lectures at the Royal Institution in the early 1800s. In this televison age, Carl Sagan, and now Professors Brian Cox, Jim Al-Khalali and Alice Roberts are taking up the mantle.
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Branding cattle - one of the first forms of branding

Nation Branding ; From Cows to Countries and Beyond

Branding started with cattle and now embraces products, services, businesses, personalities and countries. What's the next challenge - Planet Earth?
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The differences between B2b and B2c marketing

B2B vs. B2C Marketing – What Works Best on the Dance Floor?

Marketing a product to an individual consumer rather than to a business is often a very different proposition. Or is it? The growth of digital media also means that there is an increasing array of channels and routes to market from which to choose. So what are the key things that mark
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Some social media websites

Why Every Brand should think like a Media Brand

With around 80% of UK homes (Nielsen: June 2009) now connected to the Internet, surfing the Internet has become an every-day activity for the vast majority. After search engines and social media sites, media brands are amongst the most visited sites on the web. Globally the BBC, IMDB
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