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Marketing and politics: Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump 2020 US Presidential Election

Marketing and Politics: Seven lessons from the 2020 US election

As the outcome of the 2020 US Presidential election finally becomes clear, it is now time to see what we marketers can deduce and learn from what went on.
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UK productivity has flatlined since 2008

UK Productivity ; Insights to Boost Growth

UK productivity has flat-lined since the financial crash of 2008. Thus deviating from the previous 10 years plus trend line. Exactly why productivity failed to grow is hotly debated by economists. We, therefore, thought it helpful to have a view.
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Branding cattle - one of the first forms of branding

Nation Branding ; From Cows to Countries and Beyond

Branding started with cattle and now embraces products, services, businesses, personalities and countries. What's the next challenge - Planet Earth?
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